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About Me

Evoking emotions within the viewer and weaving captivating narratives are integral aspects of Robyn's artistic journey.

Robyn’s dedication to painting has been fuelled by an unwavering passion for and fascination with the painting techniques employed by the Old Masters. Over the course of several years, she has diligently honed these skills, not only to attain mastery but also to gain a profound understanding of the intricate process of creating fine art through the fusion of realism and these time-honoured techniques. With a desire to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary, Robyn aspires to infuse her works with modern subjects while seamlessly weaving in the art of storytelling.

 Capturing the beauty of life’s intricate facets, whether in the human form or the natural world, and skilfully portraying the endearing idiosyncrasies of humanity lie at the heart of her creative expression. Through her storytelling, she aspires to evoke smiles and kindle positive emotions, leaving an indelible impact on her audience.


Robyn’s artistic odyssey began with a pivotal “lightbulb moment” in 1997, igniting her passion for artistic creation. Since then, her unceasing pursuit has revolved around mastering diverse techniques and styles, all aimed at nurturing her distinct artistic identity.

Originating from the scenic landscapes of Western Victoria, Robyn lived in Asia for a span of over 14 years. Melbourne serving as a recurring haven. Following a fulfilling five-year chapter in Launceston, Tasmania, she and her husband embarked on a new adventure amidst the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, establishing their abode in the picturesque Noosa hinterland. Against this serene backdrop, Robyn has forged her artistic sanctuary—a home studio—immersing herself deeply in the local art scene, a thriving community within this captivating region.

Robyn’s wellspring of inspiration extends beyond her surroundings, encompassing her own photographic captures. Alongside her proficiency in oil painting, she derives immense gratification from a diverse palette of mediums, including pastels, acrylics, and pencil. These versatile mediums enable her to eloquently communicate her artistic vision, each lending its own distinctive nuance to her creative ventures.


About Robyn’s Art Studies:

Robyn has delved into the techniques and technical expertise of the Old Masters while seeking a comprehensive grasp of realism in fine art. Despite initially embarking on her fine arts degree journey with a fascination for art history, she decided to concentrate on her distinct passions that couldn't be fully explored within the confines of the art degree program.

She attributes her understanding to two prominent mentors, Daniel Greene and Martinho Correia. Daniel E Greene was a renowned New York based portrait artist and instructor. Martinho Correia is a Canadian born contemporary realist artist and educator, who has Portuguese & Italian connections. He currently teaches in Portugal and Florence, Italy. 

Education - Art Studies:

  • Online Intensive 5 week workshop ‘Painting from Photographs’ with Martinho Correia, a contemporary realist painter and educator, Oct- Nov 2021. 
  • Online Intensive 5 week workshop ‘Bouguereau & the Perfect (Oil) Painting Method' with Martinho Correia, Portugal, April - May 2021. 
  • Online intensive 5 week ‘Caravaggio method workshop’ (Oil) with Martinho Correia, Portugal, Jan - Feb 2021
  • Online Oil portraiture 4 day workshop with Martinho Correia, March 2020.
  • Two week intensive workshop ‘Still life, technical aspects of lighting and seeing forms', in Hobart, with Loiuse Fenely from Adelaide, January 2019.
  • Month long portrait workshops with Martinho Correia in Launceston, Tasmania studying "Drawing the figure in the Grand Manner - Gesture & Anatomy" & "Contemporary Figure Painting using Bouguereau's Method" (Oil) Nov-Dec 2018
  • Month long portrait workshop with Martinho Correia of Italy/Portugal/Canada studying "Principles of Portrait Drawing" and "Methods of Traditional and Contemporary Portrait Painting" (Oil) 2016
  • Classes in Launceston Tasmania with Leoni Duff & with Darren Meader. 2015 - 2016
  • Classes at Brighton Art Society (Melbourne), under various teachers including Effie Bramald, Craig Penny, Clive Sinclair, Agata Lelek, Herman Pekel. 2002 - 2014
  • Various  teachers in Tokyo, Singapore & Indonesia in drawing, watercolour, & oil painting for over 10 years
  • Studied Japanese Sumi-E for 4 years in Tokyo
  • 5 weeks (approx 175 hours) of intensive oil portrait workshops in New York with world renowned portrait artist Daniel Greene over 3 years
  • Studied Fine Arts degree at Curtin University in Western Australia for two years via Open Learning Australia.

Robyn is a member of:

  • Noosa Art Trail 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Royal Queensland Art Society, Petrie Gallery, Brisbane, 2021 - current
  • The Butter Factory Gallery, Cooroy, 2021 - current
  • The Pomona Railway, Gallery, 2021 - current
  • Pastel Society of Australia, 2021 - current

Former memberships:

  • The Brighton Art Society, Brighton, Victoria 2004 - 2020 
  • Brighton Art Society Committee Member 2006- 7, 2007 -8.
  • Member of Launceston Art Society Tasmania, 2016- 2019
  • Committee Member Launceston Art Society Tasmania, 2017-8

Exhibitions and Awards:

  • Participating in Noosa Open Studios, Queensland, Including “Noosa 100” at the Butter Factory, Cooroy, Qld, October 2023
  • Participant of “Art Jam” Artists in Action (in residence)1 week, at The Butter Factory, Cooroy, May 2023
  • Participant of “Mirror Mirror” International Woman’s week, 2 art works at the Butter Factory, Cooroy, Feb 2023
  • Finalist at Salon des Refuses, John Villiers Outback Prize, ‘Wanderers Sunset Gathering’ 2023
  • Finalist at Salon des Refuses, Royal Queensland Art Society at Petrie Gallery, Brisbane with ‘StableTable’, October 2022
  • Participant of Noosa Open Studios, Queensland, including “Noosa 100” at the Butter Factory, Cooroy Qld, October 2022
  • Participant at the Butter Factory, Cooroy, Qld in Eclectica, with 3 art works, 2022
  • Finalist of Figurative Art Exhibition, Royal Queensland Art Society at Petrie Gallery, Brisbane with ‘Oh!’ dancer, oil painting on canvas, 2022
  • Exhibited at Brisbane Landmarks, Landscapes, Personalities, Petrie Gallery, Brisbane, with ‘Fraser Island Vine’ landscape 2022
  • Participant of Noosa Open Studios, Queensland, October 2021
  • Participant at the Butter Factory, Cooroy, Qld in Eclectica, with ‘Riya’ 2021
  • "Novice Prize" (First time Exhibitor) at the Launceston Art Society inc., Tasmania, Meandering, Meander Valley 'Vital Signs' Art Exhibition, September 2016.
  • Exhibited at Warrnambool East Rotary Art Show, Victoria, four art works, Sept 2016. Honourable mention for framing. 
  • First Prize, for "Dennington Cows", Acquisitive prize for Hodges Real Estate in the Brighton Art Society Annual Show, Victoria. Exhibited four works, November 2014.
  • Second Prize Acrylic for "Red Wine!", Warrnambool East Rotary Annual Art Show, Vic, Exhibited 6 works, 2014.
  • "Best First Time Exhibitor at Warrnambool" for "Melissa", oil, Rotary Club Art Show, 2007.
  • Exhibition at East Warrnambool Rotary Club Art Show, of four art works Nov. 2007.
  • "Highly Commended (2nd Prize) Best Oil Portrait or Nude"  for "Something Formal", oil, Brighton Art Society Annual Show, Melb, Vic,  Nov 2007,
  • Exhibition of four art works, Brighton Art Society Annual Show, Nov 2007.
  • Exhibition of one work, AGRA, Sept 2007.
  • Exhibition of four art works, Brighton Rotary Club Annual Show, August 2007.
  • Exhibition of four art works, Brighton Art Society Annual Show, Nov 2006.
  • “Best Portrait” for “Michel” pencil drawing – Brighton Art Society Annual Show November 2005.
  • Exhibition of four art works, Brighton Art Society Annual Show, 2005.
  • First Prize – Brighton Art Society “Coffee” pencil drawing, 2005
  • Exhibition of two works in the “Best of Brighton Art Society” at Bayside City Council, Sandringham, “A Quiet Read” pastel , “Kenneth” acrylic on board, 2005
  • Best in Show – Highly Commended – “A Quiet Read” pastel, in Exhibition by Brighton Art Society, Exhibition of four works. 2004
  • Exhibition 4 works in the Camberwell Rotary Art Show 2004
  • Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia, of 18 works, with one other Artist, opened by the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, 2003.

Feel free to contact me regarding purchases or commissioning of artwork.

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