Interlocked Symphony


Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: H 61 X W 76cm
Size Framed: H 63 X W 78 X D 4.5cm

Again I was up for a challenge, getting that tension, the highlighting & everything right to make this one work well! Every painting I do, I learn more, This one has absolutely no black in the skin tones, just reds & blues mixed to get those deep shadow areas still have details. The background I wanted grey, so its a little black, white & ultramarine blue to make it a cool grey. 

This oil painting portrays a ballet duet that embodies both tension and unity. A male and female dancer form a captivating “T” shape, their bodies intertwined with legs interlocked and arms gently pushing against each other’s faces. Balanced on a box, their poses blend conflict and cooperation, creating a visual narrative that explores the harmony born from opposing forces. The play of light and shadow adds depth, emphasising their dynamic connection. “Interlocked Symphony” captures a mesmerising moment of dance, where the push and pull of emotions coalesce into a captivating visual symphony.

My heartfelt gratitude to @vandyphotography for providing the photograph.