Whispers of the Fan & Emerald Veil



Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: H 76 X W 61cm

Size Framed: H 78 X W 63 x D 4.5cm

In this captivating oil painting, a ballet dancer takes centre stage, standing gracefully upon a single pointe. Her exquisite poise exudes a delicate yet commanding strength, a testament to the harmonious fusion of discipline and artistry that defines her craft. In one hand, she holds a fan, an extension of her presence that adds an air of elegance to her stance. Beside her, a silk fabric cascades in a breathtaking display of colour, transitioning from rich emerald tones to a pale, almost ethereal white, adding an enchanting visual dimension.The interplay of colour and light creates a harmonious contrast, drawing the viewer’s gaze to the intricate details of the dancer’s posture and the delicate folds of the silk.

The dancer’s face exudes a serene and focused expression, capturing a moment of inner reflection amidst the dance. The composition radiates a sense of balance and poise, celebrating both the stillness and the fluidity inherent in ballet. The juxtaposition of the dancer’s controlled stance with the flowing silk fabric and fan evokes a beautiful interplay between strength and grace, creating a visual narrative that speaks of elegance, mastery, and the artistry of movement frozen in time.

Ultimately, this painting captures a fleeting yet eternal moment in the world of ballet, celebrating the symbiotic relationship between stillness and movement, strength and vulnerability, and the enduring allure of artistic expression.

Photographic image courtesy of @vandyphotography.