Medium: Oil on Linen canvas
Size: H 76 x W 61cm
Size Framed: H 79 x W 64 X 4.5cm

“Oh!” is a mesmerising oil painting that captures the essence of a ballet dancer in a moment of graceful enchantment. The poised dancer, delicately balanced on pointe, radiates elegance as she playfully lifts her floating dress, forming a perfect circle resembling the letter “O.” The skilled photographer’s lens freezes the dancer’s joyous expression as her hands reach skyward in a jubilant gesture. The suspended skirt seems to defy gravity, imbuing the scene with a sense of ethereal movement. This captivating artwork was recognised as a finalist in the esteemed Figurative Art Prize at the Royal Queensland Art Society’s Petrie Gallery in 2022, a testament to its exceptional artistry and evocative storytelling. Exhibited for Noosa Open Studios at Wallace House, October 2022.

Acknowledgements: Photographic image courtesy of @vandyphotography