Stable Table


Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: H 50.5  X W 40.5
Size Framed: H 53.5 X W 43.5 X D 4.6cm

Subject: Portrait, Environmental portrait

Lenny sits at the Stable Table which he decorated and donated for the patrons of the new coffee bar Unstable Coffee in a converted horse float, in Quilpie. Lenny’s gift depicts the community spirit of the Queensland Outback and serves as a talking piece.

Lenny’s proudly wearing his Brisbane Broncos shirt, emblazoned with ‘Deadly Choices’, the education program for healthy lifestyle choices and support for the indigenous community.

Lenny is part of the tight knit town, who join each other for a superb coffee, a wholesome snack & a bit of banter in the early mornings along with the truckies and travellers, mixing & mingling before heading off for their day.

This painting is about a community spirit encompassing a meeting place.

Finalist in RQAS Salon des Refuses 2022 October- November 2022