Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: H 61 X W 76cm
Size Framed: H 63 X W 78 X D 4.5cm

Introducing “Romance”! This piece I affectionately title “Romeo & Juliette”, was an absolute joy to create. I took my time to meticulously bring this ballet-inspired painting to life, and the result is truly special. Even in its early stages, the artwork exuded a captivating charm, and I couldn’t resist letting a few fortunate ones witness my multilayered artist approach. The oil on canvas masterpiece features a traditional ballet pose, depicting a couple in a tender moment, the woman gracefully drapes over the male dancers arm, capturing the essence of romance and emotion. It creates a harmonious blend that speaks to the heart.

My work is a reflection of the dedication and passion I pour into each piece, celebrating the timeless art of ballet, capturing its essence in a traditional style.

My heartfelt gratitude to @vandyphotography for providing the photograph.