Medium: Oil on Linen canvas
Size: H 76 x W 61cm
Size Framed:H 79 x W 64 X D 4.5cm

“TnT” is an electrifying oil painting that captures the explosive chemistry and dynamic energy shared between a ballet couple. In this striking portrayal, the male dancer becomes a pillar of strength as he expertly supports his partner, the female dancer. She defies gravity, leaning at a daring 90-degree angle to the floor, while standing elegantly on a single pointe. Her remarkable poise is accentuated by her right leg extended at an impressive 180-degree angle to her other leg, creating a breathtaking display of flexibility and control. The connection between the two dancers is palpable, their synchronicity and trust evident in every brushstroke. “TnT” ignites the canvas with its passion, showcasing the power of dance and the harmonious blend of strength and grace that defines this mesmerising art form.

Acknowledgement: Photographic image courtesy of @vandyphotography.