Triple Red


Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: H 61 X W 76cm
Size Framed: H 63 X W 78 X D 4.5cm

“Triple Red” captures a ballet dancer in three stages of elegant motion. Poised on one foot, she’s swathed in a flowing red shawl that rises from her waist to form a captivating frame around her face. The triple exposure technique brings a dynamic sense of movement, showcasing her feet drawing closer together with each image. This progression conjures an image of a vase with blossoming red flowers, encapsulating the grace and fluidity of her performance.

The dancer’s face, serene and expressive, emerges like a radiant bloom above the shawl, infusing the composition with a sense of quiet beauty. The red hue symbolises passion and intensity, reflecting the artistry and energy inherent in her performance. “Triple Red” is a visual symphony that harmoniously merges form, fabric, and emotion, creating a captivating narrative of ballet’s elegance and the transformative power of art.

My heartfelt gratitude to @vandyphotography for providing the photograph.